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Sometimes I see things like the above picture posted on people’s walls or Pinterest. There are still people out there who believe in ‘mind over matter’ and other of such stuff (replace the word stuff with gross word of own choice) It really angers me that these people seem to think that everybody can just ‘heal’ themselves with their thoughts. I wonder how that works, how does one heal a disability or illness with their mind? I have an acquaintance who actually thinks that I can heal my genes! Seriously, she said to me: ‘you are so positive, I am sure you are healing your genes with your positivity and you will get better’. Now if only I could! I would be super healthy and rich as well!


About livingwellwithchronicillness

I'm just a random person with a few chronic illnesses who likes to blog. I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, POTS and a few other things. At the moment I am quite housebound so I decided to create this blog. Will update my profile when I'm a bit more inspired :)

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  1. So get where your coming from! Are you better today is the main question… im always in pain and there isn’t much to be done I’m afraid! I know it’s because they are not in that situ so don’t understand. Still hard to be smiley when they ask everyday! X

    • Very hard indeed! I’m sorry to hear your pain is always there. I’m lucky that my pain has become less and less lately (the injury that caused the most pain is finally healing) but before it was just a constant thing and yes very hard to pretend to me ok.
      One thing that I found out that is a great way of interacting with people and being able to be honest is asking people how their week/or day has been, people feel much more free to say they had a bad week or day than when you ask ‘how are you?’, they will ask how yours was and that way you can be honest too.

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