Sharing is Caring and Other Life Lessons I missed because I was out sick that day in Kindergarten


For people who live in share houses:


It’s roommate season, Everyone!

If you are college-age or college-age-ish or just graduated-age or didn’t-go-to-college-and-just-started-my-career-age, or even if you are only 13 and have more siblings than available rooms, if you are going to be sharing your space soon or already do, this post is for you.

I have recently acquired a TEMPORARY housemate.

Her name is Sissy, and she happens to be my sissy (“sister” for all you non-Southern-US-English natives). Every once and a while, Sissy stops in at Homestead Station for half a second before her Life-train Choo-Choo-Cachoos on ahead to her next endeavor.

This means I have to share the bathroom…and the kitchen…and the living room (read: TV remote)…and all my fancy exercise equipment. Luckily we have our own rooms, leftover from our younger days (In her case, at least. Nic Disclosure: I have yet to move out of our family home. It has 98% to do…

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