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Every now and then I notice awful stories of people who have been left by partners when they became chronically ill or disabled. It’s shocking, but it says more about the leaving partner than about the ill/disabled person. I personally think it means it wasn’t really meant to be, no one wants to be with someone who can not handle it.
This article sums it up quite well I think, there are some similarities as in friendships that dissolves once someone becomes ill/disabled:

“I have noticed a trend in which husbands or wives, or boyfriends or girlfriends, tend to leave the person they “loved” behind. Their primary reason is that their partner’s illness became too hard or stressful on them, and they just could not take it anymore. They say they are tired of fighting, due to the insurmountable obstacles continuing to pile up throughout the course of their partner’s chronic illness. For us who have been left because of these reasons, there is one major unspoken truth that carries us on past this tragedy -Our partners, who were too stressed because of our illnesses, could never imagine the pain and darkness we both endure and overcome. While they are busy fighting with external forces, we are busy waging a war within, refusing to wave the white flag and surrender our lives.”

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