Nostalgia’s Role in Chronic Illness

Nostalgia’s Role in Chronic Illness


After the initial hurt of breaking up with a romantic partner, we have an almost instinctual tendency to remember all of the bad times about the relationship rather than the good ones. Oddly, on the other hand, when illness forces us to break up with the familiarity of our old lives,  we have an almost instinctual tendency to remember all of the good time rather than the bad ones. I am not speaking of a healthy optimism regarding our memories, where we productively try to focus on the positive side of things; but of a more manic, delusional relationship with our past in which we subconsciously create a gateway to escape the flaws of our present lives by subconsciously transforming the mind into a kaleidascope to wistfully reshape our memories from when we were healthy into  false pictures of ecstasy and flawless bliss. This inherited collective human dysfunction we all…

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About livingwellwithchronicillness

I'm just a random person with a few chronic illnesses who likes to blog. I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, POTS and a few other things. At the moment I am quite housebound so I decided to create this blog. Will update my profile when I'm a bit more inspired :)

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