Got Bingoed!



I was ‘bingoed’ two weeks ago! (the full chronic illness bingo is here).
I went to an event in a wheelchair and bumped into an aquaintance who hadn’t seen me for a long time and he was pretty shocked to see me in a wheelchair* and he started saying ‘have you been to a naturopath?’ Sadly yes I have done that in the last, out of sheer desperation. So I told him it hadn’t worked and that I have a genenetic illness and my partner explained genes can’t be ‘healed’ by naturopaths haha. It was tricky that the naturopath he was thinking of was standing nearby! Luckily he didn’t push it any further after my partner mentioned the gene thing. In my head I was kind like the above picture haha!
I know people mean well, but seriously to say that to someone in a wheelchair? You’d think they wouldn’t dare to.

*Luckily it’s only for when I need to walk long distances, the wheelchair helps so that I still can go out. I can walk short distances, but long distances are really bad for my POTS


About livingwellwithchronicillness

I'm just a random person with a few chronic illnesses who likes to blog. I have Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, POTS and a few other things. At the moment I am quite housebound so I decided to create this blog. Will update my profile when I'm a bit more inspired :)

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